Saturday Afternoon Tennis


1.30pm - 5.00pm Saturday. 

Arrive between 1.00 and 1.15



Saturdays between mid-late October until mid April. Start date for the 2020-21  season is Saturday the 30th of October (weather permitting)



No ball money for members, $15 non-members. Afternoon tea provided. 


How it Works

There are no teams.

Players that arrive on the day are allocated to graded sections depending on player numbers and skills. 

Each player plays 4 sets of doubles with 4 different partners.

Each player’s final score is games won/lost. 

The competition is subject to cancellation if the weather is bad 

The decision to play or not will usually be made by approx. noon on Saturdays. Information about cancellations due to rain or excessive heat will be made on our facebook page.


Greg Malcher 0419482230.