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A week of smashing free tennis!
Saturday 14 to Friday 20 October 2023
Our club welcomes new members of all ages and abilities

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Get smashing!

Welcome Week Details

14 to 20 October 2023

A week of free tennis for any one that wants to give tennis a go. Just turn up!

Saturday 14th

9am onwards - Junior tennis from 5 to 18 years. Hot Shot coaching for beginners and competition for experienced players. Contact Steph for at


1pm Senior competition tennis. 4 sets of doubles. Contact Greg


Sunday 15th

10am – singles play and carousel doubles play for seniors Contact Vlad for singles at or Haig for doubles at


Monday 16th

6pm Informal hitting practise for very rusty players and people wanting to give tennis a go. Racquets available for free use. Contact Trish at


Tuesday 17th

6pm Social tennis playing games, rotating between partners and courts. Contact Haig at


Wednesday 18th

All day - A free hit on our beautiful courts. Racquets and balls are available for use at the clubhouse.


Thursday 19th

5.45pm A hit up before the twilight competition starts on Thursday 26th. This is a chance to gather your team together. New players are encouraged and will have a chance to join a team for the season. The season will be in 2 blocks – 26th October to 14th December and 1st February to 21st March. Teams of 4 players with a back up 5th player. Email teams to Rod at or Nigel at


Friday 20th

4 to 6pm Coaching with Daylesford’s professional coach Brain Carr in 45 minute sessions throughout the afternoon and following 6 weeks. A chance to learn the game or sharpen your skills. Contact Brian on 0409 189 736 beforehand.

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